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October 21, 2022
The clubs and organizations salute the student body to welcome the new school year

To welcome the students to the new school year with a positive and excited energy, Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) Student Affairs and Services Department (SAS), together with the High School Department (HSC) hosted the Annual Student Orientation Program at the Justice Felix Angelo Bautista (JFAB) Gymnasium on October 19, 2022. This hybrid whole day affair aimed to get the student body up to speed with what is in store for them this school year, while also welcoming the new students and orienting them on the PCCR student experience and journey.

Dubbed “Pasalubong”, the title for the morning event is a play on the words Pasa (the transfer of knowledge from upper class to new students) and Salubong (the welcoming of the latter to the school). The morning session had approximately 374 college students onsite at the gym, with over 3000 viewers online. Among the new things introduced in Pasalubong was the PCCR Chant: “Asintado sa Serbisyo, Saludo, Saludo, Saludo Batang 641!

Opening the morning session on a high note, SAS Director Romeo Jose Taganas talked about the four types of intelligence: Intelligence Quotient (how much one knows), Emotional Quotient (having the ability to maintain peace with others), Social Quotient (having the ability to build and maintain a network of friends and colleagues), and Adversity Quotient (having the ability to maintain focus and order despite difficulties and challenges). He further emphasized that as part of the PCCR Community, all Batang 641 will develop these four, which they will use to climb the ladder of success. Immediately after his welcome remarks, Mr. Taganas introduced key personnel and administrators, beginning with the SAS Team, followed by Academic Leaders and the Non-Academic Department and Division Heads. 

Executive Vice President Karim Bangcola laid out the directions and plans for the whole student body not just for the coming year, but also for the rest of their student journey. To add, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Noel Sergio also welcomed the student body, and ensured the studentry that PCCR’s mission to provide the best accessible quality education will be delivered to all.

The representatives of the clubs and orgs present their lively dance number

After the introduction of officers, SAS Student Development Division Head Iris Torculas introduced the different professional and special interest student organizations. Once complete, the organizations collaborated on a special performance, presenting their combined individual talents, before culminating in a dance production number.

Key Departments and Officers also presented on how their departments can improve the student journey for the Batang 641, especially for the new students. Vice President for Finance and Accounting Erwin Roxas reminded the student body on proper finance channels and procedures. Student Experience Head Eduard Solomon drew cheers from the Batang 641 as he presented the new school uniforms and the facilities as part of his new department’s introduction. Officer-in-Charge for the Registrar Julieann Ramil discussed the documents and records needed from each student, while financial assistance partner Bukas.ph Partnership Associate Shareilyn Batalon talked about how they could help lighten students’ financial worries. 

In between each speaker, clubs and organizations invited the student body to join their ranks. Each club was given two minutes to present their special interest and niche to attract new members. A total of nineteen organizations showcased their accomplishments, their officers, and their activities to the collective studentry at the Gym.

After all the organizations presented, College of Criminal Justice (CCJ) Dean Jezreel Vicente further enthused the crowd with talk of PCCR’s Outstanding Alumni, Employment Opportunities for Criminology, Forensic Science, and Industrial Security Management Graduates, together with the key personnel from the College who would help to make their student journey exciting.

As a response from the student body, Council of Student Leaders President Julia Lopez led the Batang 641 community in reciting the pledge of commitment.

To close the morning program, PCCR President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista shared her elation and warm welcome to the student body, reminding everyone to live the core values of the school toward their current and future success. She then reminded everyone that PCCR is their second home, and the officers serve as their second parents to guide them on their professional journey. President Lei also reminded everyone to join the different organizations that would hone their leadership skills.

In the afternoon, The HSC held their own version of the Student Orientation Program entitled “Hiraya”. Taken from an ancient Filipino word meaning the “fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations”, the title refers to how PCCR HSC is dedicated to guide and help their students reach their goals and ambitions. Just as exciting as the morning session, the HSC orientation had approximately 269 onsite attendees, with close to 2500 viewers online.

HSC Student Erika de Guzman with her powerful version of “Amakabogera”

With a festive mood, the JFAB Gym rang loud with the HSC’s own chant : “We go, we fly, we fight, Batang 641 let’s go!”. The party atmosphere was kept alive by the opening performances, featuring a juggling tandem, and HSC’s pride Erika de Guzman with her rendition of Maymay Entrata’s “Amakabogera”.

As with the morning session, the Key Officers and Personnel of PCCR were also introduced to the younger crowd. This time, however, the faculty members for each of the HSC Subject Areas were also presented to the student body.

Students were also invited to join the various organizations, with additional clubs specifically available only in the high school.



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