For the Good of the
Public and the Country
“Pro Bono Publico Et Patria”

Orgs and Clubs


PCCR Student Organizations and Clubs are formal groups of students that have similar interests and advocacies, moving toward a common vision and goal. These groups are made up of bona fide Batang 641 under the guidance of an advisor from the faculty or administration of the school.

There are various categories of PCCR Student Organizations and Clubs. Co-curricular clubs help the students do better in certain disciplines that complement their academic student experience. Extra-curricular clubs allow students to express themselves through their hobbies and interests in area that are not directly connected to their academic disciplines.


List of Recognized School Organizations

Council of Student Leaders

This council provides a venue for student leaders to be trained in the various aspects of leadership and  management.


Honors Society

This organization fosters the intellectual aspirations of the students and empowers them to lead their fellow students to become achievers.


Combat Shooting Organization

This organization teaches and trains students how to properly and responsibly handle guns and develop competence in analyzing and interpreting the science of ballistics.



This organization focuses on inculcating nationalism and patriotism to students by improving their proficiency in Filipino in conjunction with worthwhile and relevant nationalistic activities.


PCCR Journalism and English Altus Club

 This organization is composed of students who are interested in writing. They are grouped together to establish the PCCR newsletter/newspaper under the supervision of the SAS while also enhancing and developing the students’ English Literacy and proficiency through different activities under the English Altus Club.


Junior Detective Organization

 This organization aims to train students in the actual practice of Police Science and Crime Detection in order to develop experience in the field of Criminal Investigation and to build a working team towards the solution of crime.


Peer Facilitators

Through this organization, students will acquire essential special knowledge and skills that they can utilize in promoting mental health and selected guidance services in the school community.


Red Cross Youth Council

This organization empowers the youth through leadership humanitarian activities.



In this organization, students participate in community service learning activities to do better in school. Likewise, this community related organization will serve as a wide open door for the members of the two institutions to eventually strengthen their social relationships.


Martial Arts Association (MAA)

To promote martial arts as physical education, conditioning arts and sports in this institution.


Multimedia Arts Club (MMAC)

To develop and hone the skills of PCCR Students in the field of multimedia production and will serve as a platform to produce future filmmakers and multimedia experts that will take part to a more technologically advanced future of the multimedia industry.


Artista Club (AC) Theater Club, Dance Club, Hosting

Aims to showcase the talents of the students in various performing arts. It also aims to provide opportunities for students to perform in various events


Every Nation Campus (EVC) Victory Church

To reach and empower the next generation of student leaders of the campus


Debate Club (DC)

Aims to help the students become critical thinkers and speak with reasons and justifications.


Parkour Club (PC)

A sport that aims to build confidence, determination, self-discipline, self-reliance, and responsibility for one’s actions. It encourages humility, respect for others and for one’s environment, self-expression, community spirit, and the importance of play, discovery, and safety at all times


PCCR E-Sports Association

The PCCR Esports Association creates a supportive environment for students and personnel of Philippine College of Criminology “PCCR”to be innovative, nurturing, and collaborative  in their potential area of interest in various games. It is an excellent way to foster community while also teaching life lessons and skills.