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September 22, 2022
Vice Mayor Yul Servo Nieto and PCCR President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista with the enthusiastic students of F. Torres High School

Collaborating to serve the feeder schools of the Batang 641 community, Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) and Manila Vice Mayor John Marvin “Yul Servo” Nieto (BS Crim ‘98) worked together to supply over one thousand desk armchairs to different public high schools in the Tondo area as part of the yearly Brigada Eskwela Program. As part of the yearly activity promoted by the Department of Education (DepEd), PCCR gives back to the different schools as part of the drive toward providing quality education and facilities. The two-day affair brought excitement and happiness to the students of the recipient schools, who received the PCCR delegates with thundering cheers and applause.

Together with Vice Mayor Yul Servo and his team, PCCR President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista led the contingent made up of PCCR High School Principal Dr. Joju Minoza, Student Experience (STX) Head and Marketing OIC Eduard Solomon and the Marketing Team. Also present were Office of the Vice Mayor representative JR Balboa and Department of Education (DepEd) Manila Schools Division Officer Aaron Tolentino.

The sortie opened with a visit to F.G. Calderon Integrated School, where two hundred desk armchairs were distributed to its student population, as received by Principal Dr. Edmund Villareal. This was immediately followed by distribution of one hundred chairs each to Florentino Torres High School, Jose P. Laurel High School, and Lakan Dula High School, respectively. Another two hundred chairs were given afterward to Juan G. Nolasco High School, enthusiastically accepted by Principal Dr. Roland Dela Cruz.

PCCR President Lei Bautista presenting the Batang 641 Ako Jacket to F.G. Calderon Integrated School Principal Dr. Edmund Villareal

As part of the turnover ceremony, Pres. Lei Bautista presented the school heads Dr. Villareal of Calderon HS, Mrs. Ma. Pura Talattad of Florentino Torres HS, Mr. Julius Jardoilin of Laurel HS, Mrs. Merly Angon of Lakan Dula HS, and Dr. Dela Cruz of Nolasco HS with their own Batang 641 Jackets, branding them as an integral part of the PCCR Community.  Each of the school heads also received the Deed of Donation signed by President Lei, as distributed by PCCR STX Head Eduard Solomon.

In his short inspirational speech, Vice Mayor Yul Servo thanked PCCR not just for the current Brigada Eskwela assistance, but for the countless times that his alma mater has been there for support. As a product of the Public Education System, Vice Mayor Yul inspired the students of the different schools to study well and not to put the quality education opportunity given to them to waste. He reminded the students to be proactive toward their dreams and goals, and give their very best each time. He also emphasized that the quality of education should not be dependent on the size of the school, as all students need good schools as a launchpad toward their hopes and dreams.

The officials of F. Torres High School presenting Certificates of Recognition to PCCR President Lei Bautista and Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo Nieto

In her response, PCCR President Lei Bautista said the school and the Batang 641 community are more than happy to be of assistance, displaying the core values of Empathy and Service to others. She pointed out that the students of the recipient schools may one day be the leaders of the nation. President Lei also reminded the students that hardship is part of life, and that they must persevere in order to get past these challenges. With this small assistance from PCCR, she hopes that it helps the students reach their dreams.

On the second day of the “Brigada” activities, the PCCR Team and Vice Mayor Yul visited five more schools. Starting with Ramon Avancena High School, one hundred chairs to each school were distributed to Victorino Mapa High School, Manuel L. Quezon High School, Tondo High School, and Macario B. Asistio High School. Welcoming them as integral part of the Batang 641 community, School Heads such as Ms. Mercedita Insigne (Avancena HS), Mr. Robert Velasquez (V. Mapa HS), Dr. Eddieza Durens (MLQ HS), Dr. Rodrigo Natividad (Tondo HS), and Dr. Concepcion Gutierrez (Asistio HS) were given PCCR Jackets and the Deed of Donation, as distributed by Mr. Solomon.

The grateful and excited students of F.G. Calderon Integrated School
Proud Nolascian Alumnus and PCCR Student Experience Head Eduard Solomon presenting the Batang 641 Jacket and Deed of Donation to Juan G. Nolasco High School Principal Dr. Roland Dela Cruz



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