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October 17, 2022

Reflecting the integral values of Excellence and Discipline in the arts, newly appointed Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) Music Director Jeanne Marcelle Velasco-Vicars brings her years of professional experience as a voice coach in the drive toward providing a unique sound quality to the Chorale and the PCCR Band. Dubbed as the “Vocal Coach of the Stars”, she has mentored the likes of Jennylyn Mercado and Sarah Geronimo, while she was also recording coach in ABS-CBN for Gary Valenciano, Vina Morales, Yeng Constantino, Karylle, and Charice Pempengco.

Starting her music teaching experience at the very young age of 13 years old, Jeanne would lead her class choir to win music competitions at her alma mater. . The daughter of opera singers Noel and Zonia Velasco, Jeanne would learn essential music skills while accompanying her parents as they would teach their students.

Her unique teaching approach, which she calls Vocal Sound Management, is a product of years of experience in both music, linguistics research and the health and wellness profession. 

She developed her own teaching approach primarily because she believes there should be a faster and more efficient way to learn how to improve singing technique without having to learn too many technical terms and schools of thought. Vocal Sound Management has proven to be a reliable approach when a singer wants to sing higher, have longer breath, and improve their singing at the shortest possible time. 

Over the past summer vacation, Jeanne conducted a Vocal Sound Management Workshop to a select group of PCCR students. With this initial connection with the Batang 641 community, along with the personal invitation from President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista, she is very eager and excited to transform not just the sound of the chorale and the band, but to use the music to develop the character of the singers. Heart can be discerned in the music, so to make beautiful music, Ms. Vicars believes we need to make lives beautiful.



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