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December 5, 2022
The length of Sales St. packed with excited Batang 641

As a unifying act of stewardship, leadership, and resilience, Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) Student Affairs and Services Department (SAS) led the community in the school’s first-ever batch naming ceremony entitled “Paghirang: Pamana ng Husay at Katatagan” on December 2, 2022. The two-part affair, which began at the JFAB Gymnasium and culminated with a hydro party along Sales Street, was the first of its kind in the campus, and the first major in-person student body event since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

SAS Director RJ Taganas discussing the essence of the ceremonies and the names being bestowed to the batches

SAS Director Romeo Jose Taganas explained that this would now be a regular event moving forward, where the new students would be integrated into the Batang 641 Community. This would be the start of their formation, taking in the values and characteristics of a PCCR student, making them agents of change and transformation in the communities and lives of the people they encounter. Paghirang, which means to anoint or leave a mark, is also meant to be the start of their overall student experience, ensuring that Batang 641 will eventually be the difference in service for the good of the public and the country.

Students eagerly awaiting their conferment

The unique names the batches came up with also represent their commitment to live up to the values and practice of a true Batang 641. First Year Students belong to batch SANHIRAYA (Samahang Hinubog ng Itinalagang Responsibilidad at Yayapos sa Minimithing Adhikain), Second Year Students make up batch SIKLAB-DIWA (A Filipino word which means to spark, flare, or burst into sudden action or feeling), Third year students are batch TINDIG-LIKHA (A Filipino word which means stance or upright posture and to create something through intelligence and skills), and the Fourth Year Students are batch SANLIYAB (Sinugong Anak ng Lipunan Yamang Alagad ng Bayan).

The formal naming ceremonies took place at the JFAB Gym where each batch representative petitioned for the conferment of their respective batch names. Executive Vice President Karim Bangcola officially conferred the recommended names to each batch with a symbolic placement of colors on the cheeks of the representatives, which were also passed on to each member of the batch.

The PCCR Chorale livening up the crowd at Sales Street

Once the formalities were over, the student body transferred to the length of Sales Street where fun and games ensued while the PCCR Chorale and Dance Troupe performed for the crowd. To further hype up the participants (and also a symbolic act of anointing or integration), the Fire Department showered the crowd with water from their trucks.

The Hydro Party at Sales Street with shower provided by the Fire Department



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